Sunday, November 13, 2005

Friday at the playground

I took Dan to the playground on Friday morning. He's always asleep when I get home from work during the week, so I miss him. I made sure to bring my sketchbook and I captured a nice moment of Dan sliding belly down on a spiraling slide. It's the only one that doesn't feel forced and contrived, which is how I can't help feeling about drawing for the last ten years. When I was a kid I had so much to spill on the page. But while working at Pixar I was so humbled by the great artists there that I had to rehabilitate my stiff wrist!


Drew said...

working at a great place like pixar would be enough to make you really humble. but at the same time, when i get depressed, i remember that no one sees things the 'way' i do. even if someone can see things differently, it's foolish to say that someone can see things 'better.' even if it's milt kahl.


Alex Orrelle said...

Hey Drew. I think that while we all see differently, some of us have a gift for simplifying what they see and boiling it down into an aesthetic and expressive representation. We can all learn how, but we can't all be as naturally gifted. That's humbling... No ned to get depressed, though. I figured a well rounded person can be happy for people like that and just enjoy their art.