Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Visit to Oz

We all just got back from a three week family visit in beautiful Sydney, Australia. Above is my son, Gidon, making a new friend.
On our way out of Sydney, the boarding was delayed by thirty minutes. Twenty minutes into the delay, I was lucky enough to see a couple running to the gate desk, obviously thinking they're late for boarding. I watched carefully to see their poses change before and after hearing the good news. I tried to capture the difference.


Drew said...

glad to see you're back posting. nice drawings as always. great gestures. keep it coming. i'm drawing more, too. it was really depressing for a while, but i'm getting back into it. proud father? i'm about to be one myself.


burgerlog said...

I thought that was a pic from maybe national geograpic, love that kangaroo!