Sunday, April 08, 2007

Actimel Campaign on air

Crew 972 was selected from seven studios by Young and Rubicam Israel, to design and animate the 45 second spot. It is now up on You tube.
Huge props go to Joyce Boll, the fiery producer, Eran Lazar and Guy Ben-shitrit, the courageous character animators, Alon Boroda and Larisa Lerner, the divinely gifted designers, and to our model and render shop, Snowball, for pulling this fourteen headed beast together in three months.
The ad plays to a cover of the song "You've got a friend in me", which is a little awkward for me , having worked at Pixar, though not on Toy-Story, where the song comes from. Just putting it out there - the song was picked by the agency...
The chameleon scene (pictured above) appears in the 30 sec version, which will soon be viewable on the studio website. In the film, the chameleon family is surprised by a noise, so they all change color to match their background, except for the one kid who's looking at the bird. Mother chameleon gently cuddles him with her tail, thus reminding him to camouflage himself before he becomes part of "The circle of life". Notice the difference in attitude from my original storyboard (pictured underneath.) We had to tone down the humor to make it palatable for the dairy client. Hey - we all have to eat, right?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cosmic gas girl

Artwork for a TV show we're pitching. Fingers crossed!