Friday, February 23, 2007


I made this for our material for the Game Developers Conference, next month in San Francisco. Crew 972 will be represented at GDC by ISM (Interactive Studio Management) who are our agents for game animation and art projects (

Friday, February 16, 2007

Short film in development

Here's a first peek at my short film in development, 'History of the Trains'. Original concept is by co-creator Kobi Oz.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I'd like to point out some talented people I have the pleasure of knowing:

Doron Meir is a prolific traditional and CG animator with a great sense of personality in his character artwork. His location design and color are pretty damn strong, too, but true to animator form, he'll never admit it!

Yaniv Cahoua is a designer, illustrator and animator from France. I like his expressive color and imaginative use of materials in creating environments, like in his book illustrations. See his portfolio here:
Yaniv just joined Crew 972 and is training as an animator.

Nir Hirschfeld is another designer animator who graduated Nemo art school in Florence, Italy. Great character art and funny 2D animation on a page dedicated to him at the school website:

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My tablet pc

I bought a Toshiba Protege M400 in NY.

Seven month update

Dear friends, family, fans and foes,
I'm back in the mood to broadcast (lucky you, right?) The past seven months haven't been very busy: In May I went to E3 in LA (which turned out to be the last ever) where I met our new agents for game animation projects. Then in June I went to Annecy '06 with Lior (our fearless ceo) and hung out with old and new friends. Michelle joined two days later which made it much more romantic.
In July Israel went to war against Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and in August we went to the Greek island of Kos for a family holiday for one week.
In September I went back to the US with Joyce Boll, our head of production, for meetings at some major studios, broadcast design shops and game developers in LA and NY. We must've done 40 meetings in twelve days! Among others, we met with Michael Daubert from The Animation Farm, Chris Rausch and Chris Glenn from Super villain games and Marc Levin, the bike racing genius lawyer.
I broke the trip up by flying to SF over the weekend, and played with my friends at Pixar. Andrew Gordon and his lovely wife invited me to stay the night in his beautiful new home. We had dinner with ex office mates David Smith and Victor Navone.
I lost my digital camera on the way to NY, so no pics. Blast.
In NY I had a great time with my old college days friends Doug Rowell and Gabriel Schlumberger. Doug is a major creative figure at (he and his wife Paloma hosted me at their lovely apartment), and Gabe is the camera designer on Blue Sky's upcoming feature Horton Hears a Who.
In November Michelle and I went to Paris to celebrate Michelle's birthday. We had a magical three days and nights walking up and down gorgeous streets, enjoying great museums and restaurants. In December, Lior and I went to London for two days to meet Sascha Hartman and John Frasier of Billi Productions, where we signed a new deal to animate 23 minutes for their film. Later that month the family and I went to visit our family in Sydney Australia for three weeks. We came back in mid January and have been very busy catching the kids up on school, and growing the studio to take on a few new projects. At this moment Crew 972 is animating on a feature film from Scotland, a TV show from Germany and an Israeli TV commercial. I'm also storyboarding a short film with Kobi Oz, which we will pitch to investors in coming week. I'm back in London in March for some meetings. Yawn!