Friday, September 16, 2011

Recording Eric Bauza for 'Rage Mouse'

Rage Mouse in on fire. Today I spent a session recording amazing voice talent Eric Bauza, of Loony Tunes and countless other animated characters fame. Eric was in a studio in Burbank, CA, and I was directing him via video chat from Sydney, Australia. I got some snapshots of Bauzilla in action...
In this preliminary scratch session for my film, Eric voiced three different characters with a ridiculous range of depth and comedic style. Being a creator as well, his understanding of story and character makes him a pleasure to work with and huge contribution to the success of Rage Mouse.
I'm about to start cutting the dialogue into the story reel. After almost a year of boarding this project alone, it's like I've opened the door and let in a stellar team from CG animation, design, cinematography, music and voice... every one a talent, a team player, and all together the rocket fuel to launch this film in to space.
Enjoying every second of it. More in it soon.


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Florian Satzinger said...

So cool, so cool.